Supporting British Made

I have always been passionate about the history of Britain and things that are British made (naturally I am fond of South Africa too since that was where the Made by Nell idea began!) and believe that British design has pioneered the most important creative movements throughout history.  Being born and bred in Blighty and having always been interested in the history of British Craftsmanship, I am a great believer in using a range of home-grown suppliers and manufacturers where possible when creating our Made by Nell products.

To this end, we use local suppliers for most of our paper products and our two fabulous framers are also local (one walking distance from the studio, one a bit further but only a short journey, so we are keeping down our miles). I have also tried to ensure that our products are made using recycled materials where possible.

At the craft fairs we attend, we offer paper bags rather than plastic ones, but where possible we try to pursaude our customers to use their own bags rather than use ours, further to help keep down rubbish that clutters our landfill.