About Nell

Hello! I am the 'Nell' in Made by Nell.  I love designing, making and painting things... almost anything I can get my hands on! There is always another project I have in my mind's eye...

How did Made by Nell begin?

I am a qualified shoe designer and Montessori teacher, with a long standing love of well made, quality products.  I have always been a miniturist when it comes to painting, fanatical about putting those fine details in place.  

Over the years I have painted a number of items for family and friends, including personalised cards, place mats, trays, photo frames and vases to name but a few.  When my nephew was born, my sister asked me to design something unique to him and the teacher in me jumped at the opportunity to make something interesting but also educational.  Together my sister and I arrived at the idea of painting his name, with each letter in the shape of the associated animal (the S was a seal etc;) and the final piece was a great success.  I have continued painting and making things for those I love whenever I have found the time.   Recently I was lucky enough to live in a rural area of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, where I spent much time soaking up the atmosphere and painting to my heart's content.  When living there my Grannie turned 90 and so I sent her a painting of 'local' animals (lions are local but no longer free-roaming - phew!) which was greeted with such a colourful reception, that when I returned to the UK, my family convinced me that my talent is sufficient enough to build a company all about items made by Nell!

With the push for the initial named painting given to me by one sister, and now working with my other who has worked in PR (with two small girls of her own, and both of whom have personal creations made by Nell!) we can really say that made by Nell truly is a family enterprise.

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And why not meet the rest of the team

As mentioned above, Made by Nell really is a family team. Kit is the 'originator' of the idea, whilst Minnie and Fiona (mum) help me fulfil the orders and make me laugh (occasionally!).

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Aswell as my family I have a really brilliant team of printers, suppliers and all-round great people who have have helped get us off the ground.